What if you
could show up
for yourself as you do for your best friend?

Small Steps. Big Shifts.


If you're an entrepreneur or small business owner, you're in the right place!

If you're here, chances are you are looking to change a few things because you understand that when you do things the same way, you can expect the same results. Real change comes from getting clear, 
creating a plan and establishing action items that produce different outcomes. 

So, are you ready to clarify your goals, identify the obstacles holding you back,
and develop strategies for overcoming each obstacle? If you answered, "YES!"

then keep reading because I know this journey will be transformational.
Let's get started!

How does it work?

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Empowered Bridge Framework

Accountability, Stretch and Support

Start showing up for yourself.

Get the tools to push through fear and doubt.

Cross your bridges with confidence and grit.

Transformation is a continual process of letting go, saying YES to yourself and taking action. I am here for accountability, stretch and support.


Coach Accountable is our private hub to serve our coaching relationship as the way to capture the insights, record the action plans, assist you in the follow through, and let your coach see how things are going.

Pick Your Path

No matter what path you choose, you're going to grow, gain confidence and have a little fun too. 




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Bridge Introductory Session

Bridges assist us in getting from one side to the other. This session will help you get a visual of where you are now and where you want to go. We will discuss what is stopping you or holding you back from crossing your bridges in the 5 main areas of your life (Financial, Physical, Professional, Relational and Spiritual). This can be done in person if you are in the Des Moines area or we can meet virtually over Zoom.

Notebooks and Pencils


(6) 45 Min. Sessions in 7 Week Bridge

You will be learning about the basics of habit change and how our brains work. You will connect with your top 3 values and get connected to your WHY while also gaining the tools needed to push through fear and doubt. You will feel equipped to keep moving forward. You will have accountability! You will feel inspired!


Includes: Introductory QPlan Bridge Session and 9Grid Notebook Basic Access to Coach Accountable Private Portal

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(10) 45 Min. Sessions in 13 Week Bridge

Dig deeper into the Empowered Bridge Transformational Method. This will enable you to work around and through fear, doubt and cross your bridges with confidence and grit. You will feel more confident. You will feel more accomplished. You will be building evidence to prove to yourself that YOU are worth it. YOU are FREE to be fully, authentically YOU!


Includes: QLife Map Session, Qnity 8 Seasons Calendar, 9 Grid workbook, QPlans Full Access To Coach Accountable Private Portal

BONUS: Money Mindset Session

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Meet Wendi

I empower female entrepreneurs and small business owners to ditch the overwhelm, and be the confident CEO of their business, home & life. I provide a fun-loving, bird’s eye view into their life to help them see and reach their full potential.


I have a love for coffee, the ocean, and all things personal growth! After 24 years of being a confidence booster and making people feel good on the outside as a hairstylist, I felt a strong calling to shift careers and focus on helping others to feel good on the inside!

I am passionate about mindset coaching and being the gentle nudger and habit changer you have so desperately been needing. I have transformed my own life through investing in multiple health and life coaches. I am thrilled to take you on a journey from where you are now to where you dream to go!

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Abbey L.

I wanted to have a connection with someone I was comfortable with. I feel more balanced and empowered. I feel like I am able to rationalize the thoughts in my head, and not over internalize. 

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Kim J.

I was looking for a way to jumpstart my motivation, and meeting with Wendi definitely did that for me! I felt more organized and setting goals helped me to be more focused.

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Lori A.

I received a better, detailed awareness of myself.  I learned how to celebrate myself and trust that what I want to do with my life is totally doable.  

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